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Enlightened Media For The Mind, Body, & Soul!

We are a media production company based out of Chicago, IL, USA, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Ever Expanding Universe or One Giant Simulation... and we are happy that you're here! We create episodic series and documentary films exploring how the supernatural/paranormal/inter-dimensional world interacts with our reality. Watch some of our content below and follow our journey!

12/21 (Short Documentary Film) | DIRECT COMMUNICATION FROM SPIRIT | Lights Camera Ascension
Lights Camera Ascension LLC

12/21 (Short Documentary Film) | DIRECT COMMUNICATION FROM SPIRIT | Lights Camera Ascension

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12/21 (Short Documentary Film) | DIRECT COMMUNICATION FROM SPIRIT | Lights Camera Ascension

SuperNormal | Point Pleasant: The Scalar Gateway

Alchemy Chats 3/30/23

The Vaile Mansion | ft. Richel Stratton & Brian Murray from A&E Ghost Hunters

Ghost Touches My Hand Inside "Eloise Insane Asylum"

Ghost of John Wayne Gacy Tells Investigators "Hi"

The Haunted Wyeth Tootle Mansion | ft. Richel Stratton & Brian Murray from A&E Ghost Hunters!

Ghost Box GONE WRONG In Haunted Cemetery!

Crazy Ghost Box Session Inside Haunted Mineral Springs Hotel

Demonic Attack At Bobby Mackey's Music World

Haunted St. James Hotel The Spirits Of The Wild West


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Lights Camera Ascension is a production company that focuses on the metaphysical events and occurrences that happen in the normal day-to-day life. These events are more popularly know as the Paranormal, Supernatural, or even Spiritual. This can also include Psychic Phenomenon, Extra-Terrestrials, Ultra-Terrestrials, Inter-Dimensionals, Cryptids, Fairy Folk and many others. Most of these events, occurrences, and experiences happen fairly frequently in your everyday life and, yet, they remain unnoticed by the average Jill & Joe.  Once we let the logical mind takes hold, what could have been a mind expanding and even sometimes a Life-Changing experience, quickly becomes a mundane expression of doubt as we cast the experience aside and explain it away.


Our hope is to be able to share our stories and experiences with you; providing you with a fresh outlook!

Not only on life itself, but what comes before, after, and in all the spaces in-between. 

You are the main character in the movie about your life. So it's time to  open your mind and leave the world you

thought you knew behind, as we light your way through some of the darker crevices of the conscious universe.  

Things can get a little scary sometimes, but we are only scared of what we don’t know or understand.


So zoom the camera out a bit and begin to look at things from a wider perspective.

Expand your focus to all spectrums of belief, giving yourself the clearest image of the surrounding world.

Whenever you’re ready… Lights. Camera. Ascension!


Lights Camera Ascension would love to help elevate your projects!

We provide an array of support! From the developmental stages of a project to release of a final product, we are here to help!

Our production company works with you to bring your story to life!

Want your investigation professionally filmed?

Do you have an event you'd like filmed?

Do you have any paranormal experiences you'd like to share?

Would you like us to look into activity you've experienced?

Do you want our professional opinion on a piece of evidence?

Interested in working together to create something new and unique?

Feel free to reach out to us!

Thanks for submitting!


Creative. Unique. Out Of This World.

Lights Camera Ascension was founded in April of 2021.

As a production company that strictly produces consciousness driven material, it is our goal to provide you with content that makes you perceive the world around you a bit differently. Follow us as we dive deep into all things paranormal, supernatural, and unexplained. Once you dive in, there is no coming back out. Unlike most established belief systems that allow very little breathing room for more information to be heard, we pride ourselves in taking an extremely zoomed out view of all aspects to try and help paint the bigger picture. We take aspects from all belief systems (religious & scientific) to bring you a more in-depth look at these energetic activities/disturbances that occur daily, whether we realize it or not.

Your Journey Has Just Begun!

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