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Founder & Director

Anthony has been using a video camera since he was a child. Deciding to make a career out of his passion, he attended film school in Chicago, IL and later moved to Los Angeles, CA to work in the Film & Television industry. After years of working in LA, Anthony decided to move back to Chicago to reconnect with his other passion, the Paranormal. He began investigating the unknown at the age of 15 after having multiple unexplainable experiences and encounters. Having witnessed his fair share of the "otherside", he knew he needed to share it with everyone. So he combined his two passions to create a new media company that focuses on just that!

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Co-Founder & Producer

As a child of Southern Florida, Chris grew up watching professional wrestling and was immediately drawn towards The Undertaker and the idea of the undead... He began to question his reality after witnessing something quite unexplainable, like the apparition of a man in a ranch hat wandering around his home. Only later to find out that it was his late grandfather from Cuba, confirmed by family photos. Chris is also known for his work with Coastal Championship Wrestling (CCW) when he steps in the ring as 'Miami Mike'! But outside of the ring, he continues his search for answers to the unknown.



Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, & Paranormal Investigator

Sunnie is blessed with a gift that helps not only the living, but the deceased as well. Growing up in a haunted home with the ability to see and hear the spirits isn't for the faint of heart. When no one could give her answers to the unexplainable things she witnessed, Sunnie decided to start her own research! Working with other renowned psychics and investigating the paranormal throughout the years has helped to advance Sunnie's knowledge on life after death, providing Lights Camera Ascension a look inside of the world they want to share with everyone else.

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